True Evil Dark Gothic Blog Of Sadness: Hatred In My Soul

terça-feira, junho 15, 2004

Hatred In My Soul

Creatures of the Night,

Why do we exist? Why are we still here? We all have miserable lives, full of pain and hatred... The human being does not have the right to live. This hord of bastards we see each day, calling for peace and love, are in fact the nasty and filthy animals who destroy and corrupt everything and everyone they can... The poison in their hearts makes me want to vomit. But I am sure that their time will come... The time when they will suffer, they will cry, their blood will spill, they will wilt and they will die. And, that day, I will laugh... I will be sitting next to Satan, my Master, and I will laugh... Darkness will return, and the Devil will rule this damned land again. That day, I will laugh...

I am going to cut my wrists now. I am so tired of being here.

Born of destruction, bred in agony...


True Evil Metal Warrior